What is Health Coaching?

Community Health Coaching Program

We offer FREE health coaching for community members interested in making lifestyle behavior changes. All coaches are trained University of Iowa students. 
Program Details:
  • Up to 5 free coaching sessions
  • Virtual coaching sessions (via Zoom)
  • Focused on your health goals
To learn more, email us at:   hhp-healthcoaching@uiowa.edu

Vitalis Health Coaching Research Study

We are enrolling adult with cardiovascular disease risk factors to participate in a 12 week health coaching research study. 
Program Details:
  • 5 health coaching sessions (Zoom) with a trained student coach
  • Free Fitbit activity monitor
  • Health education resources
  • Earn up to $60 in compensation
  • Complete two, in-person health testing sessions (60 min each)
To learn more, email us at hhp-healthcoaching@uiowa.edu 

Health Coach Program Leaders

Kelli Saginak

Kelli Saginak, EdD, NBC-HWC

Health Coaching Co-Director

Lauren Steinke, BS, NBHWC

Health Coaching Co-Director